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Post  courtmoran on Tue May 18, 2010 12:35 pm

The entire deployment and deflation cycle takes place in less than one second.

Typical air bag systems consist of three components: crash sensor(s), a diagnostic module and air bag module(s).

Crash Sensors

The purpose of a crash sensor is to detect a sudden deceleration of the vehicle and to close an electrical circuit if the sensor determines the severity of the impact warrants deployment of the air bag(s). Crash sensors generally fall into one of four design types, three electro-mechanical and one electronic.

Crash sensor designs include:

A ball and magnet design that allows a ball to roll forward to complete an electrical circuit by touching two contacts. The size of the magnet calibrates the sensor.
A spring band and roller design that allows the roller to move forward and close a contact when tension of a spring band is overcome. The spring band could be compared to a roll of carpet unwinding.
A rotating weight design that allows a weight to move a rotor against spring tension to a point where contacts complete the circuit. The tension of the spring and size of the weight calibrate the sensor.
An electronic accelerometer that is located inside the diagnostic module, which is mounted in the passenger compartment. This type of sensor is found on most late-model vehicles.
Air bag systems may use one mounting location for crash sensor(s) inside the diagnostic module (single-point system), or up to five remotely mounted sensors (multi-point system).
Single-point systems generally use an accelerometer located inside the diagnostic module, which is mounted in the passenger compartment. In addition, some signal-point systems include both an electro-mechanical sensor along with the accelerometer. Again, both sensors would be mounted internally in the diagnostic module.

Multi-point systems use both the accelerometer (mounted in the diagnostic module) in combination with remotely mounted electro-mechanical sensor(s), or they employ only remotely mounted sensors. Remote sensor locations may include the radiator support, fender apron, cowl, or dash areas.


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Post  HBKings10 on Tue May 18, 2010 2:47 pm

Air bags hurt. They are not ment for everybody anybody under 120lbs should sit in the back the force from the airbag would knock you out cold...

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